Hy-Vee Deals for 3/29-4/04

So I had a few people ask me if I could show what I do to find deals in my area.  I live in the Midwest currently and shop at Hy-Vee as much as possible (it’s literally across the street from my house)

First, of course, get a loyalty/rewards card. I also have an application on my phone called Ibotta (use my referral code and get $10 just for signing up! “Dsxmbbo”) that gives me rebates by taking photos of my receipts. (This is SO helpful!) And I always get the Sunday coupons. My printer is broken so I currently do not print of coupons form online, however, I will include them for those who do.

Next, I sit down with the ads for the week and start checking off what is on sale and what has rebates. I’ve shopped at Hy-Vee for so long that I pretty much know what the prices are and whether or not it is a good deal. For those who don’t, you can find the prices online usually on the website of the grocery store.

So, for now, Let’s look at the ad for this week 03/29/17 – 04/04/17

I know it is already the 3rd so I don’t plan to go too in depth with this but I hope to make something like a database of the great deals each week.

I find that it is easier for me to go through the Ibotta application and write down the rebates on it first. I love Ibotta and usually manage to get around $50 a month back using it so I always want to find the best deals using it first.

Sargento String Cheese – Ibotta $.50/1 – SS 01/15/17 $.75/1  – Normally $5.19 so using coupons the price ends up being $3.94  –  This is a great price for the Sargento Cheese! However, if you are looking for the cheapest, Hy-Vee brand String Cheese is still less at $3.48

The main thing is not to use coupons just to use the coupons. For my family, there are a few items we have to have Name Brand (like Heinz Ketchup!) but when it comes to cheese, we will always go with the cheapest one.

InnovAsian Cuisine® entrée – Ibotta $1.00/1 – Hy-Vee Digital coupon $1.00/1 – the ad price is $4.99 so the total price ends up being $2.99 after the Ibotta rebate. If you are looking for an easy meal for 2, this would be a good buy

Van’s Simply Delicious Products – Ibotta $.75/1 – Van’s Printable Coupon $1.25/1 – This is for any of the Gluten Free products so I can’t show you are precise price but if you are interested in Gluten Free, then this could be a good deal.

Lindsay Recloseables California Ripe Olives – Ibotta $1.00/1 – Lindsay Olives Printable Coupon $1.00/1 – Not on sale but they are usually $2.29 so this makes them a cheap and easy $0.29!

Sheila G’s Brownie Brittle Organic – Ibotta $1.00/1 – SS 03/05 $1.00/1 – Honestly, I have an addiction to these and would buy them with just one deal/coupon. Normally $3.99, this makes these half the price. The best part is, Ibotta has a separate deal for each flavor so you can get several dollars back on them! And if you happen to have extra Smart Source coupons, they will stack since each item is different.

Sargento Chef Blends – Ibotta $1.00/2 – Hy-Vee Sale 2 for $5.00 – Making them $2.00 ea.  Again, if you are a Sargento fan then this is a good deal, however, Hy-Vee brand shredded cheese is 3 for $5.00 so that makes it $1.66 ea.

Ruffle Potato Chips – Ibotta $.50/1 – Hy-Vee Sale 2 for $6.00 – This makes them $2.75 ea – If you love Ruffles, this is a pretty good deal. I however, chose Hy-Vee brand Wavy Potato Chips for $1.98,

Nestle Nesquick Powder – Ibotta $1.00/1 – No other coupons, but this Ibotta rebate says Strawberry or Chocolate with ANY size. Hy-Vee has them regularly at $2.98 so this makes a 9.3 oz canister only $1.98.

Trident Gum – Ibotta $1.50/3 – there’s a printable coupon for $1.59/3 here – These are regularly $1.18 ea so with both the rebate and the coupon, the total ends up being $0.45 for all 3!  This is a pretty great deal but you want to be super sure that the packages you pick up are the ones that are eligible. This is pretty easy as Ibotta lets you scan the item in the app before purchase to ensure it is the correct one.

Smartmade by Smartones – Ibotta $0.75/1 – Hy-Vee Ad 2 for $6.00 – This makes them $2.60 ea. For some, that is a great deal! We however, have found that they just are not good. There is very very little actual food in them. I marked a note to myself to show you how to make these freezer meals for way cheaper!

Daiya Dairy-Free Cheeze Lover’s Gluten-Free Pizza – Ibotta $1.00/1 any size any variety – there are no other coupons but there is a 10 cent fuel saver on these! It is not a lot but this one is for the select few like me who need the gluten free items. The total ends up being $6.99 which really isn’t any different than other frozen pizzas.

Quorn Meatless and Soy-Free Products – Ibotta $1.25/1 – (also $1.25/1 on Checkout 51. I haven’t used that app yet though) – No other coupons, however the Meatballs are on sale for $3.98 making the total $2.75 (or $3.75 if it is another item). Again, this is not a super amazing deal, however, those who can’t have soy or meat will love the deal (it’s also cheaper than other meatless items!). There is also a 7 cent fuel saver on the regular priced “meats.”

Deep River Snacks Kettle Cooked Potato Chips or Honchos Organic Tortilla Chips – Ibotta $0.50/1 – printable coupon at Common Kindness $1/2 – Ibotta has 2 separate rebates, one for each flavor so you can buy one of each flavor and use the coupon to turn the original price of $2.49 ea down to $1.49 ea.

Hillshire Snacking Rustic Harvest Small Plates – Ibotta $0.50/1 – Printable coupon from Coupons.com for $0.75/1 here – ends up at $1.84  – These are lke a much tastier grown up version of lunchables. Normally, $3.09 the new total of $1.84 is a good deal if you like meats and cheese with little cracker.

Clif bars MOJO – Ibotta $0.50 – Hy-Vee ad for $1.18 –  total of $0.68

Wholesome! Organic Cane Sugar – Ibotta $1.00/1 – No other coupons but this is a pretty good deal for those who use the organic cane sugar. It’s cheaper with the Ibotta rebate than the other brands – Tatal ends up being $3.39

And that’s about it!  I usually go through the Ad again and check and see if I can find coupons for anything that I really want but I wanted to show how to use the Ibotta App first. I plan to put out a deal page on Wednesdays or Thursdays with all the deal information along with where to find a coupon Database so you can do it yourself!


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